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14 December 2014

New Paintings: Giger's Alien, Spinosaurus, Crystal Egg | Year-End Print Sale | Another Killer Time-Lapse | More Articles From Globalish

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."
– Gospel of Thomas

I ordinarily try to space these out and keep things focused, but it just happened that I recently completed THREE new paintings I'd been working on for quite a while, PLUS a time-lapse video, PLUS a bunch of writing for the awesome Globalish.com – so this newsletter's kind of overfull.  

Suggestion: open in a separate tab and read at leisure.  There's a lot to dig, here.  Be well and enjoy!

$10 Year-End Print Sale

Every print older than this newsletter is only $10 until 2015 – these above and dozens more, which you can browse on Bandcamp.  If you want to do all of your shopping in one place, I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for you.  Happy Holidays!

New Time-Lapse Video:
The Common Core of Science, Art, & Spirituality
Free Downloads: Music | Narration

A look into my process and philosophy, inspiration and commitment as an artist.  Recorded through Google Glass; soundtrack from my New Year's Day 2014 sunrise cyberacoustic guitar set; narration from my talk at Firefly Gathering 2014.  You can get a better look at the final piece below...

Rainbow Warrior (Giger Tribute)

20”x20” – oil & acrylic pens on canvas
Original painting available – email with inquiries
Painted at
• 2014.11.15 – Empire Control Room & Garage (Austin, TX)
for Govinda, Living Light, Cactus Bath
•  2014.11.14 - 18 – Studio (Austin, TX) 

H.R. Giger's alien has haunted me since childhood.  I swear their hives must occupy the bulk of my imagination's dark side.  And now my friends at Synergetic Press have just released a new book, H.R. Giger and the Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century, by pioneering LSD psychotherapist Stanislav Grof.
It's amazing – both Grof's essay and the Giger art inside, a lot of which I've never seen – and if you would like a copy, enter "Garfield" for $10 off at checkout.

Godzilla Was Real! (Spinosaurus aegypticus)

24"x36" – oil & acrylic paint pens on canvas
Original painting available – email with inquiries
Painted at
• 2014.09.28 – Zelicks (San Marcos, TX) – Fractālà
• 2014.10.18 – Empire Control Room & Garage (Austin, TX) 
for Pretty Lights Music Showcase: Paul Basic, SuperVision, Michal Menert, Eliot Lipp
• 2014.11.18 – Holy Mountain (Austin, TX)
for DJ QBert, Jeremy Ellis, Table Manners Crew

Spinosaurus aegypticus was first discovered a century ago, but its type specimen was destroyed when the US bombed Berlin in WWII. We had no idea what this creature looked like, or how it lived, until another expedition recently discovered even more complete specimens. And the truth is weirder than anyone expected: Spinosaurus had a body specialized for living and hunting in a shallow freshwater environment: short, probably webbed hind legs, high nostrils, heavy bones to help it stay submerged...

We are talking about a fifty foot predator with a five foot head and claws longer than your foot. IT ATE SHARKS AND CROCODILES. AND while I MAY have taken artistic license with this painting, it might also have glowed with radiation...

Crystal Moon Egg Bathes in Silver Light
Buy 11"x17" Prints | Share on FB

2014 – oil & acrylic pens on canvas
Original painting available – email with inquiries
Painted at
2014.11.05 – LANAI Rooftop Lounge (Austin, TX) for Create Culture
for Shanti Planti, BogTroTTeR, EazyT, Shuniya, Fractālà
2014.11.19 – Empire Control Room & Garage (Austin, TX)
 Art Seen Alliance, Fool's Gold Records, & Brainfeeder present Azizi Gibson, Kamandi, & Barnes 
• Studio (Austin, Texas) 2014.09.30, 10.08, 11.04, 11.22-25, 12.01, 12.04

"They proceed to sing objects into existence. Amazing objects. Objects that are Fabergé Eggs, things made of pearl, and metal, and glass, and gel, and when you're shown one of these things, you look at it and you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that if it were right here, right now, this world would go mad. It's like something from another dimension. It's like an artifact from a flying saucer. It's like something falling out of the mind of God – such objects do not exist in this universe, and yet, you're looking at it."
– Terence McKenna

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Tis The Season For Ridiculous Trippy Clothing!

Because if it doesn't cause permanent brain damage for innocent bystanders, it's not worth wearing.

On a slightly less hyperbolic note, you are in fact guaranteeing that you will become a walking conversation piece if you leave the house with this stuff on.  With great power comes great responsibility.